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Junah Birchwater
The best right handed goalie of all time was Tony Esposito! BTW, when I was a kid in school i would play goal in PE as a right shot, but everyone told me that was wrong, so I switched. Never played organized hockey until my 30s, I still play left (although I shoot right as a skater).
Comment from : Junah Birchwater

What a great video...I'm a right shot and my kids are playing now and I've got one righty and one lefty, and they both watched the video and got some great history of the game. Thanks! Keep em coming!
Comment from : colforbin21

hot dog water
I love that being a right-handed goalie is actually the result of being left-handed. Hockey is the only stick sport i play righty, cuz my first position was goalie, that and righties stickhandle with their left hand
Comment from : hot dog water

Ali Desch
I think Gretzky inflates the numbers on the left side. And a couple of guys that played forever.
Comment from : Ali Desch

Ali Desch
Jagr is also the only player in NHL history to have played for all 31 current teams. And rumor has it that he will come out of retirement to dress for Seattle for one game. Amazing!
Comment from : Ali Desch

Mats sundin
Comment from : GGM_cancer

Where is Martin Brodeur or even Patrick Roy?? Lol
Comment from : leeamcc

Wario's Gold Coin
Bobby Orr is major overrated. He played in an era where defense gameplay did not exist and goaltending poor. Years-&-years behind what it was in the 90's and today.
Also just the original six makes it not many teams to compete against like today.

Comment from : Wario's Gold Coin

where's the rocket?
Comment from : doaftheloaf

i'd question your statement about gretzky. lemieux was better.
Comment from : doaftheloaf

Our junior team had over 40 players and only 2 were right-handed
Comment from : purolanpastori

Sens fan 7
Prepends what your used to really doesn't matter I'm right I feel like right is better
Comment from : Sens fan 7

no brett hull? he'd have made the righties more respectable.
Comment from : smithryansmith

Owen Polley
It just seems like there are more left handed players in general so it makes sense to me.
Comment from : Owen Polley

For your Next Video You could do All Time Teams and You could Include the Old Jets with The Coyotes and The Whalers with the Hurricanes for Example My La Kings top Line
LW Luc Robitaille
C Marcel Dionne
Rw Dave Taylor/Charlie Simmer
LD Rob Blake
RD Drew Doughty
G Johnathan Quick
your thoughts Kurt?

Comment from : C M

Bradley Slaughter
I get why you switched the goalies, because a left handed goalie throws a baseball with his right hand; but a left handed catching goalie plays the puck like a lefty, not a righty
Comment from : Bradley Slaughter

Wolf Daddy
I loved your comment "Bobby Orr, the greatest player who ever lived, or, ever will live". It's just too bad he couldn't have played longer because he is my favorite all time player. I have to go along with Dennis Hull in his book The Third Best Hull; if it was possible I would have gladly traded knees with Orr just to watch him play another decade
Comment from : Wolf Daddy

Drew Rycerz
I'm a leftie, and a goalie. Believe me lefties are the worst to save against. BTW I love the DBZ lol.
Comment from : Drew Rycerz

BUT right handed is less players,majority of players holds left
Comment from : NHL FAN

Jen Zim
i wounder what the % of right to left handed players is? lefties probly only make up 25%. ive played on a team where i was 1 of 2 lefties
Comment from : Jen Zim

Club Shay Shay
I heard I Canada they teach you to put your dominant hand at the top of the stick most people are right-handed so it makes sense that the best players in history shoot lefty. Best shooters are right handed in history it shows Ovi, Laine, Bossy, Hull, Lemieux, Kovalchuk. Not many left handed shooters have releases like these guys.
Comment from : Club Shay Shay

Fenton Hardy
You got Coffey and Lindstrom ahead of Brad Park and Doug Harvey?! And Tommy Barrasso ahead of Tony Esposito and Roger Crozier?! As well as Terry Sawchuk, Glenn Hall, and Jacques Plante, behind Dominik Hasek??? Your 90's childhood is showing, Park may never have won a Norris, but he was a runner up 7 times, and outside of Orr the Best Defensemen in NHL history, the guy gave his heart out. He could rush the puck, play excellent defensemen everyone one of his peers and Coaches say he was the best Defensemen outside of Orr. Doug Harvey won 7 Norris Trophies, 6 Stanley Cups, 11 All Star Selections, 540 points, 1113 GP, +46 Career Plus minus, Finished Second in the Hart Voting in 1961-62. He controlled the Game like Orr, he defended Better than Orr, he won more cups and is second to only Orr in Norris Trophies. And he won more Cups. I say that you've goofed on some of these selections, like Larry Murphy ahead of Tim Horton?! Come on! Horton was ten times the defensemen Murphy ever was. I like most of your videos, but I think you goofed on some of these selections. Not all but some.
Comment from : Fenton Hardy

Jack Islanders 80 81 82 83
Tom Barrasso is a bit overrated
Comment from : Jack Islanders 80 81 82 83

Roy Carlsson
It would be interesting to see what the differences would be if you instead counted the goals and points per game for each player and say everybody played a 1000 games, for instance. The leftys would probably still win but i wonder how much closer it would be with guys like Bossy and Lemieux
Comment from : Roy Carlsson

Ratiø Ground
And nice Yzerman Jersey
Comment from : Ratiø Ground

Ratiø Ground
I feel like The Righty’s if your talking About Who has The best Snipers out of the League I’d say Snipers of the Right hand are better I feel Like a play maker or a defender when left handed
Comment from : Ratiø Ground

Chris Watson
I’d say this has a lot to do with the goaltender the lefty or righty is facing.
Comment from : Chris Watson

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