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Article by Margery Fee, Leonard M. Findlay. Frye's ideas influenced D.G. JONES's Butterfly on Rock (1970), which argues a change from garrison mentality to communication between man and his formerly frightening surroundings, and Margaret ATWOOD'sSURVIVAL (1972). Atwood sees the Canadian literary fixation on survival as arising less from the threat of the real wilderness than from the threat of American cultural domination.

Although interest in these questions was largely a legacy of the European romantics, Canadians claimed them as their own - not in the first instance through the usual channels of theoretical innovation (new analytical tools and terminology, a new conceptual grounds), but rather through recognition that to address these questions was to deal with the condition of all Canadians, grounded as they were in the historical and geographical reality of Canada itself. Trading_spouses_new_season Mining on black mesa Trading_spouses_new_season

Rise from the shadows Make a fist of the pain Rise from your grief Before it grows into your bane. Trading_spouses_new_season 140bil, gold’s market cap is.

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