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Overall, we are seeing payback periods in the 3-5 month range for all NVIDIA GPUs excluding power and cooling costs. Given the volatility of the markets, expect this to have wild swings. For the STH readers who have machine learning clusters that may have periods of downtime, our nvidia-docker miner can help you earn some of your money back with mining. If you have a Linux CUDA compute machine available we highly recommend using nvidia-docker. Installing different CUDA versions for Zcash mining and deep learning frameworks and managing versions can be painful. Using nvidia-docker you do not have to worry about that. Bibliography mining and times cited searching Sceptre_hospitality_resources_hotels

The Block Erupter USB Miner comes in 5 different colors blue, silver, black, red, and yellow. At release the minimum order amount was 300 USB miners, so by the help of retailers and group-buys site people could obtain one. Since then many new version of the tiny usb miner has been released. Today the ASICMiner Block Erupter USB (330MH/s) Sapphire edition is available for $20 on Amazon and other stores. Sceptre_hospitality_resources_hotels Hot Network Questions.
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